martes, febrero 27, 2018

¿es esto el producto de la escritura?, pregunta un alterego de phillip roth en su juventud

"All this sentiment. He wondered if it was only to compensate for the damage that he was reputed to have done her with the portrait of the mother in [his novel] Carnovsky, if that was the origin of these tender memories softening him up while he watered her plants. He wondered if watering the plants wasn’t itself willled, artificial, a bit of heart pleasing Broadway business as contrived as his crying over her favorite kitsch show tune. Is this what writing has done? All that self-conscious self-mining—and now I can’t even be allowed to take purely the shock of my own mother’s death? Not even when I’m in tears am I sure what gives”. 
dice Phillip Roth en The Anatomy Lesson. 

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