viernes, abril 08, 2016

escapar hacia la vida, dijo harrison

Después de pasar dos años metido en la escritura de una novela sobre gente en pleno trabajo y haber sido incapaz de pegarle al monito, esta cita de Jim Harrison resume mi fracaso:

"You don’t want to catch the man on the job, you want to catch him quitting the job, because when he’s on the job all he gets to do is work. You have to think of him as escaping into life rather than from it. Somebody gives you the most banal and demeaning life in the way of making a livelihood, and if you abandon that, you’re escaping—well, you’d have to be a nut case not to abandon it. It’s that whole notion that Strang has of meaningful work. If you’re an intelligent human being and you don’t have meaningful work, then you’d better find it because your death, in those spooky terms, is stalking you every day. What those characters have in common, I suspect, is that they all want more abundance—mental heat, experience, jubilance. As a young man, Henry Miller saved my neck by offering these qualities", dijo Jim Harrison en la misma entrevista del Paris Review que cité hace unas semanas. 

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