martes, enero 28, 2014

las utopías y las épocas, dicen goodwin y taylor

Utopias of place, describing a better present elsewhere, of which More’s is the classic example, may seem to teach us a less direct lesson, but they carry the implication that the ideal civilization could exist here and now. The choice of location for a utopia has followed fashion: utopias of the Elsewhere being popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, thanks to the proliferation of traveler's tales at the time; in the nineteenth century, the predominance of theories of history and stadial theories made it more necessary to locate the ideal society in time, and to relate it to the present through a historical narrative, even while implying that the train of events could be hastened by activism; the latter view being shared, in effect, by Fourier and Marx. 

Goodwin, Barbara and Keith Taylor. The Politics of Utopia: A study in theory and practice. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1982

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