sábado, diciembre 01, 2012

a universal right to private property, dixit Levinson

Capitalism thus guarantees the universal right to private property by proferring to each ' individual' nothing: lack. The individual accesses this lack, in turn, not by gaining material ownership but by seizing on a symbolic propety, an identity or name tag to fill in the hole. Having been provided the gift of nothing by capitalism, consumers pay off their debts by freely entering into the phallic order that controls them. Distinct and separate subject or power positions, symbolic appropriations of market territory, of freedom, therefore proliferate endlessly and sit side by side--but, since each is self/determined, they need not relate. There is no call for anything resembling an intervention or even a (political? ethical? moral?) relation. The relations of production reproduce themselves because no demand, desire, or need to replace current relations. The situation ' as it is,' through misrecognition, appears to grant all to all: a political Subject whole unto itslef.

Market and Thought, de Brett Levinson

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