domingo, agosto 26, 2012

on why theoretically savvy love always becomes stupid love, dice la Ronell

You said whaaaat?
Love signals the ‘permission granted’ status of shared stupidity, a descent into the bestial abandon of an ecstatic language. As sheer surrender, loves opens the channels for the imbecilic effusions of being-with. Laws legislating social intelligence and sense-making operations are suspended for the duration of language-making scenes of love. This could also mean that you have to get real down and prodigiously stupid to fall for love, or that stupidity is a repressed ground of human affectivity that only love has the power to license and unleash*.

Stupidity, Avita Ronell

*Igual de estúpido que citar a alguien para decir que el amor es siempre estúpido.  Senda tontería. Pero esta señora me da gracia.

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