domingo, agosto 26, 2012

eve, the first western scientist, dixit la Ronell

¿Qué se le habrá perdido?, preguntaría mi difunta abuela.
Eve is evil because she wants to know, she wants to investigate, and yet she is shown to have made a stupid mistake for which we are still paying. Her stupidity resided in her need to know, which has been depreciated into mere curiosity. Eve was the first knowledge seeker; her need to know exposed her as stupid because what she did not know or understand was the prohibition placed on knowing by her husband and his maker. Eve, for her part, knew she was barefoot and ignorant—but it would have been even smarter not to let on that she knew or saw the limit. She discovered and named the limit; she experienced the limited, even at home base in paradise. Sher was always already Madame Bovaryy thethered to Charles, the man.

Revealing the audacious and necessary transgression inherent in knowing, Eve would not play stupid, displaying an unwillingness or incapacity (a stupid mistake) for which she has been definitely punished. Indeed, if you are not willing to play stupid, you are making incredible deals with the devil.

de Stupidity,  Avita Ronell (jugando con Nietzsche)

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