sábado, junio 09, 2012

the topos called the market, dixit Levinson

Because it [the nihilism of the market, of neoliberal consensus], first, adopts the signifier and representation, thus mutability and diversity as its ground, and, second, distinguishes these from the signified, immobility, imposition, and unity—because it demands that intellectuals, like shoppers, choose from the signs before them, assume their proper place in the order of representation, thereby support unawares a market arrangement whatever discourse or idea they select—because of all this, the linguistic turn tends to ‘sweep right by’ saying as the counter to the ‘it goes without saying’ of consensual postdemocracy. Our concern for language, to repeat, lies here: in saying this topos which runs most efficiently without any saying, indeed, which makes all saying increasingly difficult or scarce even as it creates avenues for more and more voices—to wit, the topos called ‘the market’.

Market and Thought:
 Meditations on the Political and Biopolitical, de Brett Levinson.

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